EVolution Carrier 8 Plus

Meet Carrier 8 Plus, engineered to seamlessly transport up to eight passengers, this golf cart is the epitome of efficient design for commercial use. Built to serve demanding commercial environments, without compromising on comfort or efficiency.

Elevating Group Transport

In a world where efficient mobility is paramount, Carrier 8 Plus stands out as the zenith of commercial transport solutions. Tailored for resorts, city tours, large event venues, and expansive campuses, its robust design is complemented by the sophisticated aesthetics that proudly announce its presence. Whether ferrying guests from one point to another or embarking on a leisurely ride, Carrier 8 Plus promises reliability, style, and an exceptional journey every time. Carrier 8 Plus ensures that every journey is a statement of class and reliability.

The EVolution Carrier 8 Plus cannot currently be configured as a Low-Speed Vehicle.