EVolution D5 Maverick 4

Dive into the wild with D5 Maverick 4, a rugged four-seater tailored for off-road adventures and hunting excursions. With its elevated chassis and robust shock absorbers, it’s less a golf cart and more a beacon of outdoor prowess.

Redefining Off-Road Excellence

With D5 Maverick 4, the wilderness becomes a playground. This isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a testament to rugged design and engineering mastery. Tailored specifically for outdoor enthusiasts, every facet of Maverick 4 screams adventure. Its elevated chassis rises above challenges, while the advanced shock absorbers effortlessly tame the roughest terrains. Beyond its tough exterior, features like a multi-functional touchscreen and an impeccable sound system ensure that while you’re conquering the wild, you do so with unmatched style and comfort.

Talk to our knowledgeable team of LSV experts about how an EVolution D5 Maverick can qualify as a Low-Speed Vehicle and meet all of the safety standards established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).