EVolution Classic 4 Plus

Whether you’re teeing off or embarking on a leisurely journey with loved ones, Classic 4 Plus stands out as your ideal companion. Meticulously crafted with your comfort and convenience in mind, this cart promises a superior riding experience tailored to every adventure.

The Perfect Companion On and Off the Course

Seeking the perfect vehicle for group outings? Classic 4 Plus has you covered. Boasting a spacious seating arrangement for four, it’s ideal for shared adventures with friends and family. From the golf course to scenic routes, it’s designed to elevate every moment. Whether navigating daytime terrains or exploring nocturnal paths, its LED headlights and tail lights ensure clear visibility. Prioritizing both comfort and safety, its plush seating and dependable seat belts promise a smooth and secure journey every time.

Talk to our knowledgeable team of LSV experts about how an EVolution Classic 4 Plus can qualify as a Low-Speed Vehicle and meet all of the safety standards established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).