EVolution Classic 2 Pro

Need a golf cart tailored for solo drives? The Classic 2 Pro is your ideal pick. Boasting a unique design with extensive customization options, this cart is meticulously crafted from wheels to seats, color to accessories.

Elegance Meets Practicality in Two-Seater Travel

Discover Classic 2 Pro, our two-seater golf cart engineered with both the solo traveler and duos in mind. Every detail is thoughtfully considered: LED lighting for clear night rides, a speedometer to track your pace, rear-view mirrors for safety, and handy amenities like cup holders, golf ball storage, and a ceiling handle. With plush seating and a safety belt, comfort is guaranteed. Beyond its striking appearance, Classic 2 Pro promises a ride that’s both comfortable and secure, ensuring you travel in style and safety. Create an electric golf cart that’s not only an extension of your style but also ensures a remarkable driving experience.

The EVolution Classic 2 Pro cannot currently be configured as a Low-Speed Vehicle.