EVolution Classic 4 Pro

Searching for a spacious golf cart? Consider the Classic 4 Pro. With seating for four, this model offers more room than the Classic 2 Pro, making group travel a breeze. Plus, with customization options for both model and seat colors, you can make it distinctly yours.

Elegant Efficiency for Group Travels

Beyond its capacity, the Classic 4 Pro boasts impeccable design. EVolution infused its own unique touch into the classic aesthetics, crafting a vehicle with an elegant flair that ensures a memorable ride. It features a unique four-seat configuration: two front-facing and two rear-facing seats, designed for an enhanced riding experience. Every detail, from the ergonomic seats equipped with seat belts to the handy ceiling handle, is curated for your utmost comfort and safety. The Classic 4 Pro boasts a design that melds safety, comfort, and durability while emphasizing efficiency.

The EVolution Classic 4 Pro cannot currently be configured as a Low-Speed Vehicle.