EVolution Turfman 1000

Harnessing the power to move bigger loads with efficiency, Turfman 1000 is a testament to heavy-duty workmanship. Featuring a vast flatbed at the rear, it offers flexibility unlike any other, allowing you to transport multiple cargos in a single ride.

Robust Flatbed Design

Crafted with precision and with the demands of modern transportation challenges in mind, Turfman 1000 boasts a rear flatbed, perfectly designed to carry multiple cargos in a single ride. Whether you’re handling supplies for an event, moving equipment for landscaping, or delivering goods to different points in a large facility, Turfman 1000 ensures efficiency with its large flatbed. The expansive flatbed is not just about size but also about strength and durability. Engineered to handle significant weight and resist wear and tear, this vehicle is the ideal companion for businesses that demand both volume and reliability in their transport solutions.

The EVolution Turfman 1000 cannot currently be configured as a Low-Speed Vehicle.